Conveyancing (or carrying out the necessary legal work) is one of the most vital aspects of purchasing a Costa del Sol property, so it’s vital to choose one who’ll work in your interests at all times.

At Marbella Developments, we can find you an independent, English-speaking Spanish property lawyer who will carry out all the conveyancing for you efficiently and reliably.


Why choose a local lawyer?

You may be tempted to choose to use the services of a lawyer in the UK, but this can create more problems than it solves. You’re more likely to have a smooth experience if you choose a local lawyer. For example, Spanish lawyer who specialises in property law won’t have to look up the relevant Spanish property laws and will have a greater understanding of the kinds of issues that can arise in Spanish property transactions.

At Marbella Developments, all the lawyers we hand-pick are based in the Costa del Sol area and as such they have relationships with people like the mayors, municipal architects and notaries – this can prove very beneficial when sorting out local problems.



What will my lawyer do?

There is a wide range of work involved in conveyancing on a Spanish property purchase. Typically, it could include the following:

  • Drawing up the contract of sale and arranging for it to be signed by all parties
  • Carrying legal checks connected to the property – these could range from finding out whether planning permission has been granted for any other developments in the area, checking on the local infrastructure and utility connections, ensuring the seller has the right to sell the property and so on.
  • Liaising with your mortgage provider to ensure the necessary finance is in place and all the required checks have been carried out
  • Arranging for the deeds to be signed before the local notary.