If you require financing for your Costa del Sol property, Marbella Developments can assist you with sourcing and arranging a mortgage. There is a wide range of choices available for gaining a mortgage for your property, which can be obtained either from local Spanish banks or from British international chains such as Barclays or Lloyds TSB.

As with a mortgage in the UK, charges and terms can vary widely across different mortgages. Therefore, it’s important to do your homework and shop around to make sure you get the best deal. Our mortgage service can help you to all this, and will give you peace of mind that you’re choosing between the best deals that are available on the market.



  • Re-Mortgaging

    Consider whether to get a mortgage from a Spanish bank, or to go via a UK lender, perhaps re-mortgaging an existing property in the UK to finance your investment – there are pros and cons to each option

  • Shop around

    Look at all the available deals and be sure to get expert advice

  • Principle (AIP)

    Get an approval in principle (AIP) – it’s unlikely that any offers you make will be taken seriously unless you have this

  • Be prepared

    You’ll need to provide lots of paperwork (such as proof of identity, residence or savings), so check with your adviser to find out what you need so you can avoid any unnecessary delays

  • Budgeting

    Remember to budget for other purchase costs, such as solicitor’s fees, local and national taxes, insurance and so on.


To find out more about how our mortgage services can help you finance your dream Costa del Sol property, contact us today.